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All the Services & Products Currently Offered by E. Houston Studio

Inspired by Elizabeth Goddard’s Everything Page®.

Looking for a way to share all of your free and paid offers with your website visitors?

Show ’em everything with Elizabeth’s Everything Page Course (affiliate link).

Computer monitor displaying an advertisement for a "30-day WordPress website challenge" with a list of focus areas, accompanied by a vase with blue hydrangeas. This opt-in opportunity offers participants a comprehensive guide
Are you ready to launch your website in just 1 month?

30-Day WordPress Website Challenge

Sign up for a 4-week-long journey designed to help you plan, build, and publish your own website. Every 1-2 days, you’ll receive an email with information and action steps so you know exactly what to do next.

An image displaying a 16-page PDF guide titled "5 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Safe," surrounded by sample pages on security, disaster recovery, quality hosting, and WordPress wellness.
Are you keeping your WordPress website protected?

5 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Safe

Download my free guide to understand how to keep your website safe and learn about the regular maintenance that your website needs to stay secure.

Website Wellness Guide Mockup
Are you ready to cure your website woes?

Website Wellness Guide

This guide helps you discover common website mistakes you might be making on your website, from the overall design to the user experience. All of these mistakes come with quick fixes you can do yourself!

A 20-page PDF titled “Website Maintenance Tracker and Planner” with a bonus website maintenance checklist. The cover, adorned with blue and white flowers, seamlessly blends form and function. Several inner pages featuring essential SEO keywords are displayed behind the cover.
Is WordPress maintenance stressing you out?

Website Maintenance Tracker & Planner

Follow the recommended weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance tasks in this printable planner, and track your progress as you go.

Start Your SEO Journey: A Digital Keyword Planner and Guide
Wish your website could attract more visitors?

Keyword Planner & Guide

With digital and printable versions of “Start Your SEO Journey”, you’ll learn how to choose the right keywords for the pages on your website and turn searches into visits.

A promotional graphic showcasing a Google Sheets template for an editable weekly content calendar, including 40 square post templates for products.
Do you want to speed up your content creation process?

Weekly Content Calendar + Social Media Templates

Plan your content weeks ahead of time with this Google Sheets content calendar, and customize social media templates in Canva for your brand to encourage people to keep coming back to your website.

Cover image of a 32-page PDF, "Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs: Crafting an Online Presence That Shines," showcasing an illustrated ebook cover with scattered printed pages in the background.
Are you looking to stand out from your competitors?

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Develop a unique brand identity that communicates your strengths and values to expand your brand’s reach and grow your business.

A woman working on a laptop is next to a "Website Planning Workbook: Designed to Shine Online" by E. Houston Studio, with pages from the workbook shown around the main image.
Not sure where to get started with your website?

Website Planning Workbook

This 75-page printable workbook walks you through every decision of mapping out your website, from layout to launch, so your new site is a magnet for your target audience.

Person wearing glasses and a headset, seated at a desk in a modern office space, typing with a smile as they manage Care Plans on WordPress.
Looking for a WordPress expert to take care of your website?

WordPress Care Plans

I’ll take care of hosting, security, backups, updates, support, monitoring, legal pages and more so you don’t have to! How’s that for peace of mind?