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What to Expect

  • The 30-Day WordPress Website Challenge is a 4-week-long journey designed to help you plan, build, and publish your own website.
  • Every 1-2 days, you’ll receive an email with information and action steps so you know exactly what to do next—no information overload.
  • Whether you’re still deciding on the colors for your brand or hoping to bring all the pieces of your business scattered across the internet into one central place, this is the website challenge for you!

What You’ll Learn

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Craft and refine your elevator pitch and mission statement. Select the visual elements of your brand, such as your colors, fonts, and logo. Understand who you’ll be creating this website for before you even begin to build it!

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Prepare the copy for your homepage, about page, services page, and contact page. Gather your best personal photos, and discover where to find the best stock photos for your brand.

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Tech Setup

Register a domain for your new website, and set up a business email address with your domain. Sign up for a web host where your site will live, and then, with a little tech magic, connect your host to your domain.

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Install the free Kadence theme and blocks, add new pages, and insert content blocks for text and images. Customize the site with your brand colors and fonts. Activate plugins to improve the security and functionality of your site.

Legal Pages

Prepare the privacy policy, terms & conditions, cookie policy, and any other necessary legal pages to protect your business and your website visitors.

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Publish & Care

Launch your new site, and test it on multiple devices. Learn how to keep it running smoothly with regular theme and plugin updates, and make sure you’re backing things up regularly in case of emergency.

Why a 30-Day Challenge?

Maybe you’ve seen courses or challenges promising you that you can build a website in a week, a weekend, or even 2 hours. 😲

While some of the technical steps involved in launching your website can happen pretty quickly, there’s no way you can plan the content for each page, customize the sitewide design, complete the required legal pages for your website, integrate a contact form with your email service provider, and more without giving each of these steps the consideration they deserve.

What’s Inside the Challenge?

You’ll get a sequence of 20 emails delivered to your inbox over 30 days that will:

  • Guide you through the process—from gathering your content to launching your site (and beyond)—without feeling like smashing your laptop on the floor.
  • Offer expertly curated recommendations for additional support and resources if you’re stuck on any of the steps.
  • Encourage you along the way. Even though tech can be tricky, I know you can do this!
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I’ll be leading you through your WordPress website challenge so you’ll never have to truly go it alone. I’m a web designer who specializes in creating WordPress websites for online entrepreneurs.

With a background in computer science education, I bring years of experience helping others get past their tech struggles.

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