Comprehensive WordPress Care Plans for Your Peace of Mind

E. Houston Studio WordPress Website Care Plans offer essential services to keep your site secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best. From premium hosting and regular updates to daily backups and priority support, I’ve got everything covered so you can focus on growing your business.

Website Hosting

Your web host is responsible for getting your website out to the world, and it’s an area where you get what you pay for! With managed WordPress hosting, you benefit from enhanced security, better performance, and superior support. If you’re on a care plan with me, I’ll be the first person you can reach out to for any website or hosting issues.

Monitoring & Security

E. Houston Studio helps protect your site against potential hacks or breaches with malware detection, blacklist monitoring, and comprehensive security scans. I’ll also monitor your site’s uptime to make sure your visitors are always able to access your online home.

Website Backups

I’ll facilitate consistent and regularly scheduled backups with your website host as well as “backup” backups off-site to keep your website data safe. If your site ever needs to be restored, transferred, or downloaded, E. Houston Studio provides backups and restore points so you can recover your site quickly and efficiently. Phew!

Website Updates

Like most technology, your website requires regular updates to stay secure and functional. I personally take care of WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates on a weekly basis. Out-of-date plugins are the leading cause of website hacks, so this is an essential component of my care plans.

Premium Plugin Access

I’ll install premium plugins that enhance your website’s functionality and performance using my agency licenses. These include a privacy-focused analytics plugin, an advanced SEO plugin for better search rankings, and premium themes and block collections for added style and functionality.

Priority Support

As a care plan client, you receive priority email support, meaning I strive to respond within 24 hours on business days to all website concerns. Some of my clients have said that being able to email me about all their website questions is the best part of being on a care plan with E. Houston Studio.

Strategy Sessions

We’ll check in regularly, depending on your plan, over video to ensure your website is meeting your needs and those of your clients. These strategy sessions provide insights and recommendations to keep your site aligned with your business goals.

Monthly Reporting

I’ll prepare and share a comprehensive monthly report summarizing what I’ve done with your site and why I’ve done it. This overview helps you understand how your website is performing each month so we can make sure everything continues to run smoothly behind the scenes.

Up-to-Date Policy Pages

As a Termageddon partner, I’ll set your website up with an up-to-date privacy policy, terms of service, cookie policy, cookie consent banner, and disclaimer. These customized policies protect your business and site visitors, and since they’re embedded with code, they update automatically after privacy laws change.

Keeping Your Website Fresh

As a client on the gold or platinum monthly care plan, you receive complimentary time (from 1-3 hours, depending on your plan) for ongoing website updates, additions, or changes!

Plus, all care plan clients benefit from a reduced hourly rate for any additional services.

What Can Happen Without a Care Plan

Neglecting website maintenance can lead to serious issues. Here are some common scenarios unprotected sites face:

Website Hack

Without proper maintenance and protection, a hack is not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Poor Performance

Over time, an unoptimized website will slow down, negatively impacting conversions and sales.

No Backups

Without regular backups, you risk losing all your website’s content and progress in the event of a breach.

SEO Implications

Google favors websites that are well-maintained and optimized. Neglect can harm your search rankings.

Website Legitimacy

Issues like an expired SSL certificate or insecure connection warnings can damage your site’s traffic and brand legitimacy.

It’s All On You

The responsibility for everything included in my WordPress Care Plans falls on you. This means investing in costly tools, putting in valuable time, and dealing with unnecessary stress.

The Good News is… I’ve Got You Covered!

You don’t have to maintain your own website or navigate the digital world alone.

E. Houston Studio offers the perfect plan for your website so you can rest easy knowing I’m just an email away, month after month.

I’ll handle the complex, confusing, and ever-evolving issues in the world of WordPress so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Choose your level of care below…

Select Your Care Plan

As your website’s needs change, so can your level of care.


For small-medium sites that don’t require frequent updates


  • Managed Hosting
  • Website Updates
  • Monthly Offsite Backups
  • Basic Security
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email Support
  • Premium Plugin Access
  • Annual Strategy Call

Auto-Updating Legal Pages
Allotted Time for Website Work


For small-medium sites with blogs, featured events, and other regular updates



  • Managed Hosting
  • Website Updates
  • Weekly Offsite Backups
  • Basic Security
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email Support
  • Premium Plugin Access
  • Auto-Updating Legal Pages
  • Quarterly Strategy Call
  • Up to 1 Hour of Website Work


For larger, more advanced sites, including ecommerce or membership sites


  • Managed Hosting
  • Website Updates
  • Daily Offsite Backups
  • Enhanced Security
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email Support
  • Premium Plugin Access
  • Auto-Updating Legal Pages
  • Quarterly Strategy Call
  • Up to 3 Hours of Website Work
A woman in a home kitchen looking up at the camera.

“Liz has been genuinely wonderful to work with. I’ve had my website for over a decade now, and have never really loved it until Liz helped me revamp it into something that is so much more professional, user-friendly, and streamlined. She also takes care of all the maintenance (which I hated doing myself) and has helped me make sure I am in compliance. Her pricing is so reasonable and she was able to work with me and my budget for my website renovation. Whenever I have a question she is right there with detailed and professional answers and also goes above and beyond to provide examples and personal experiences to help me make decisions. She is personable, friendly, and so easy to work with! I have already recommended her to several people looking for website help!”

WordPress Care Plan Questions

Person wearing glasses and a headset, seated at a desk in a modern office space, typing with a smile as they manage Care Plans on WordPress.

As long as E. Houston Studio built your website, there is no setup fee if you choose to subscribe to the care plan within 90 days of launching your site!

If, after 90 days, you’d like to join my WordPress care plan, there is a $99 setup fee because I will need to update all the tools, clean up the database if it hasn’t been cleared, and back up the site, among other tasks.

For sites that I did not build, there is a $250 setup fee, as I need to do a lot of work upfront to update the site, learn any tools, and get the website ready to be properly maintained.

Nope! My website care plan is a month-to-month subscription with a no-risk, no questions asked guarantee. If for any reason you decide to move your website away from my care plan, you have complete freedom to do so. 🙂

My care plans are not mandatory for clients, but they are highly recommended because of the importance of security, optimization, updates, backups, support, etc.

That said, if you choose to forego the care plan, you’re welcome to take the maintenance on yourself. You will, in that case, assume complete responsibility for website updates, security, backups, and other services laid out in the plan.

At the conclusion of your web design project, you’ll sign a Liability Clause that releases E. Houston Studio from any involvement if and when the website is breached or hacked, or in the case of poor performance due to lack of proper optimization.

Absolutely! If you decide to come back after having initially passed on the plan—I don’t blame you for not wanting to worry about the state of your website each week—I’ll welcome you to the plan with open arms and make sure your site is protected and cared for. See the setup fees question above for additional information about onboarding a site after 90 days.

I can recommend malware and blacklist removal specialists for you to contact, or if you’d like to join as a care plan client and have E. Houston Studio take care of getting the hack cleaned, there will be a $499 site cleaning/setup fee.

Depending on the type of hack/breach and how long the site has been compromised, SEO rankings and blacklisting issues may take weeks or even months to resolve, and in some cases, will require additional work to recover from.

Important Note: E. Houston Studio will not fixed website hacks unless the site will subsequently be added to my care plan.

In the extremely unlikely event that a website is breached or hacked in any way while you’re a care plan client, E. Houston Studio will take full responsibility and will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Sometimes I’m able to take on WordPress websites I didn’t build as long as they were built with tools I’m familiar and comfortable with—or tools that I can learn quickly. Additionally, the site must be on a host that meets my requirements.

E. Houston Studio can take care of your website if your site is hosted elsewhere as long as the hosting company or custom server meets my requirements for properly maintaining and optimizing the site. You can message me at to request a consultation and pricing for this.

Your monthly time (for gold or platinum plans) covers any updates or additions to your website. Examples include adding new blog posts with the text and images you provide, conducing basic keyword research for pages and posts, updating company or team member information, etc.

While I will do my best to get to all of your updates within your allotted time, if more time is required, you can choose to add any requests to the following month’s tasks; alternatively, I can do some additional work at a discounted hourly rate.

Note: The allotted monthly time for website care plans is for work or updates on the existing website and cannot be used for other projects or a step-by-step website makeover. I’m happy to do these as part of a discounted project for care plan clients.

Unlike vacation days, care plan work hours don’t build up. In order to provide prompt service to all clients, I budget a certain number of hours for website updates each month. Provided my schedule allows, you may be able to request additional site work at my discounted hourly rate.

I sure do! We can work out a custom monthly care plan price for multiple sites you own based on the level of care each site requires.

Does Your Website Need Silver, Gold, or Platinum Care?

Whether you’re a current or future E. Houston Studio client, send a message to to see how I can help you keep your website in tip-top shape.