Website Maintenance Tracker & Planner for WordPress Sites

+ Bonus Website Maintenance Checklist


Keep your website secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best with this comprehensive planner designed for busy WordPress website owners.

The Website Maintenance Tracker and Planner guides you through weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance tasks. It helps you track updates, security checks, performance metrics, and more.

And for website maintenance tasks at a glance, simply refer to the bonus Website Maintenance Checklist.

For just $7, you get access to a 20-page printable PDF, which you can use to record important website information, track updates, and plan future maintenance tasks.

As a bonus, you will receive a Website Maintenance Checklist PDF with convenient to-do lists for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly WordPress maintenance.

You will receive BOTH the US Letter and A4 versions of the planner and checklist.

The Website Maintenance Tracker and Planner & the Website Maintenance Checklist have been designed for people with WordPress websites who wish to stay on top of website updates in an organized manner.

If your website was built on another platform (i.e. Squarespace or Wix), many of the tasks included will not apply to your website.